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We painted a real donkey pink and increase happy hour sales!

Everything within Agave Mexican restaurant was imported from Michoacan Mexico and we mean everything! From the sinks within the restroom to the tiles that surrounded the stunning bar. Located in Las Vegas Agave was the spot for a fun atmosphere with Mariachi bands playing modern music to the elegant, vibrant colors that made the restaurants ambiance.

The restaurant already was a success, but the owners wanted Pixel Nerds to increase gaming revenue, margarita sales and their happy hour where they served 25 cent bite size tacos.

So how did we increase sales? We simply painted a miniature donkey pink (just like the logo) and had it march up and down the street with the Mariachi band playing sweet melodies right behind it, and know what? It did the job! Don’t believe us? Read the article in the portfolio below! Along with increasing the restaurant’s happy hour numbers we also increase the fresh fruit margarita sales through fun campaigns that encouraged patrons to sing a song to the bartender for a free margarita to making them do silly dances that helped create awareness, crave margaritas and increase the fun ambiance the restaurant already had.